S’more Cupcakes!

One of the cupcakes I was looking forward to trying was s’more cupcakes! It sounded like an interesting idea with the graham crackers and marshmallow and all that. I found this recipe (http://tinyurl.com/8kyakb3), and figured this had the best concept. I didn’t want to shove a marshmallow inside the cupcake or anything. I did make a few changes here and there to the recipe. I’ve been doing this lately. I don’t want to copy anyone directly, and if someone wants my recipe i can give them the original without my changes.  Sneaky? Maybe! But I want to keep the few things I change to myself.

Below is a picture of one of my dogs helping with the cracker grinding process. I guess he thought I needed help? More likely he was confused by the noise. I kicked him out of the kitchen after that. So the first step was making the cracker crust for the cupcakes and chopping up the chocolate. I went with a semi-sweet instead of a bittersweet like it calls for. I only made this decision because I couldn’t find any bittersweet chocolate. I debated using Hershey’s chocolate bars but figured there was a reason you had to use baking chocolate (there is, it holds up better in the cupcake!).

smorepic1After adding the melted butter and sugar, this is what the crust looked like. I’m sure I could have added more butter but I was happy with the way it was.

smorepic2It may be hard to tell in the picture below, but the left side is when the crackers are put in the liner, and the right is how they look when they are taken out of the oven after 5 minutes of cooking.

smorepic8I didn’t add the left over crust and chocolate to the batter like the recipe called for. after they were done, I added a small piece to the top. If I make these again and they need to look nice, I’ll do it the way the recipe calls for.

smorepic3In my opinion, use whatever meringue frosting you feel the most comfortable with. I didn’t like the one that was in the recipe so I used my own. Mostly because it was simple. I should note, I made these a second time and decided to double the amount of ingredients needed for the meringue. Yeah, that was wrong. The icing gets bigger the more you whip it and I ended up with too much. Below is the egg whites starting to get fluffy in the mixer. I didn’t hand mix any of it. Using the mixer is a life saver.

smorepic4I made the topping two ways. I say that as if I planned it, when in reality I ran out of time and did what would be easiest and without getting my fingers covered in sticky meringue. I piped the meringue high on each cupcake and added a small piece of chocolate after it was done being toasted. For the other half of the picture I just mixed all the left over cracker dust, chocolate and meringue together and plopped it onto each cupcake.

smorepic5This recipe makes a ton of batter. I was able to make 23 cupcakes and three 4′ cakes (I froze them for a later project).

Now, part of the reason why I wanted to try making these is because I found a kitchen torch when I was cleaning out the kitchen. I thought it would be a blast to use! No pun intended. I went to the store and bought a can of butane gas and tried filling it up. Unfortunately, the can spout wasn’t compatible and I ended up with freezing gas going everywhere. I tried multiple times to get it to work, but it failed. I then thought I could just use the oven broiler, but I was worried about the cupcakes cooking for too long. I tried making an ice bath for them to sit in, but that was a horrible idea because the water kept getting into the cupcake holes and therefore on the cupcakes themselves. After some trial and error I let the oven heat up with the broiler on high, then put the cupcakes back in the cupcake tray and into the oven. If you wait long enough, you should only have to keep them in there for 45 seconds. You should try and spin them for an even toast. This worked best and I did it with both sets of toppings. It gave the meringue a lovely marshmallow flavor.

smorepic6Now here is the big shocker, I actually ate a cupcake! I never do that! But they looked so good I had to try them. I was also worried about the crust inside holding up and wanted to see how that was doing. As you can see below, even with the cupcake liner off the crust stayed in place.

smorepic7Now I’m going to rant a tiny bit. When I was going to the store to buy the chocolate I needed, I had to go down the baking isle of my supermarket. And what did I see? A box of s’more cupcake mix.

smorepick9Something about this just made me so angry. I spent so much on ingredients and this box is under $4. Really? I shouldn’t be upset about it, but it just makes me angry that a recipe I found is something you can just get out of a box too. The cost difference! Man. I shouldn’t be angry about it, but I am. Oh well.



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