Cold Stone for my birthday!

My birthday came and went. What kind of cake did I want? Nothing that I made and nothing that was vanilla. I am so sick of the smell and taste of vanilla that I can no longer eat things that are sweet, or taste of vanilla. I actually get sick when I’m putting icing on my cakes and I smell it. At the moment, no one is asking me to make chocolate things. This means chocoalte still tastes and smells good to me.

What did I decide to do? Cold Stone. Oh yeah. Ice cream cake. How can you ever go wrong with ice cream cake? I’m 100% baffled that anyone would turn down amazing ice cream cake for something I make. I mean really, it’s ice cream. In a cake. Oh so good!

This sucker below was chocolate and peanut butter. I had a slice a day until it was gone. Seriously, this made my birthday amazing. I just had a small dinner with my parents and my sister. Didn’t go out, didn’t see anyone. Just me, them, and my cold stone cake. It was such sweet relief to have some kind of baked good around that I didn’t make!


mybithdayI mean seriously. How good does that look?


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