Cake Pops 2.0

A friend of mine celebrated their 30th birthday this past weekend. I’m pretty broke so I debated for some time what I should bring. I was at Michaels picking up some supplies I ran out of (who knew I would go through dye so quickly!) and remembered I had cake pops in the freezer that I could bring to the party. I picked up some candy melts, Styrofoam, and some duct tape to cover it. I figured I could make simple cakepops.

If you remember reading my post about the construction cake pops, you may be surprised that I planned to do this. I was surprised myself. Cake pops are the devil.

I kept things simple. I took the Styrofoam board and taped it up with duct tape. It’s pretty awesome that you can buy it in so many colors, and patterns. Very handy for the future of cake pops (if I ever make them again). You need to find them in your local stores or Amazon. Check it out! The second picture below is the cake pops I pulled out of the freezer. Since cake pops have to be frozen anyway, this was perfect. I didn’t have to make another cake! I also had about an hour to get this done.

simonscakepop2While the cake pops were working their way to room temperature, I heated up the candy melts. When they were almost completely melted, I added in a heaping teaspoon of Crisco to thin it out. I stirred vigorously. This may have been a problem. If you look closely you can see small air bubbles and white dots in the melts. This should have bothered me, but I didn’t care. Why? Because I dipped them in silver sanding sugar. Yay to covering imperfections!

simonscakepop1I also picked out a light blue color. I felt like I added too much Crisco to this one. I really need to look into paramount crystals. They are apparently better than using Crisco, but I’m hesitant to get them until the weather cools off. If they are melted into one solid block, that would defeat the purpose of buying them.

simonscakepop3I coated the lighter blue pops in sanding sugar as well. As I was making the cake pops I remembered why I hate making them so much. It’s the fickle candy melts. If they aren’t cooperating, your cake pops suffer.

After they were all done I lined up the cake pops on the board I use for them to dry to make sure I had enough room for all of them.

simonscakepop6I thought I would put the cake pops on the stand in a fancy order (two on the outside, two in the middle), but it just looked sloppy. Below is the attempt at being “fancy,” and the second picture is how I brought them to the party.

simonscakepop4They were a bit uneven and some were smaller than others. But for a last second gift idea I think they did the job. Everyone seemed to like them at the party, and I got a request to make more next month for a baby shower. So just think – in a month I’ll be complaining about cake pops again!


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