Artist Palette & Paintbrush Cookies

The other cookies I had to do the same week as the Xbox ones (which worked out in the royal icing department) were for my niece’s art show. She is in preschool and they put on a small show with all the work they did throughout the year. I was surprised at how great they school set everything up. I offered to bring refreshments fro two reasons: the first, my niece liked the idea that she brought them, and two, I was able to put out some business cards. Win/win? Oh and more practice for me. That’s always great.

artpicI didn’t have cookie cutters (again). Not having these things really sucks. So for the paintbrushes, I had to cut them out by hand again (below). The downside to cutting them out yourself is they can be a bit sloppy on the sides. You really have to hand fix them as you cut them. The plus side, is most people don’t notice since you put decorations on them. For the artist palette, I used a heart cookie cutter, then the tip of a #12 piping tip to cut out the hole, and then cut off the end of the heart with a spatula. I had to hand mold the the cookie after to make sure there wasn’t too many sharp edges.


artpic10I had to make an army of cookies. Well, a small army. I was aiming for 75 cookies, but ended up making about 90. It took me all night to cut out and bake all of these. My poor oven was getting a work out. I really need to keep buying as many cookie cutters as I can find.

ImageI flooded the palette cookies with white royal icing, and then prepared the paintbrushes. I pained the handles brown, left a small space, and then the tops black. I was having some trouble getting the black a real back as you can see below. It was a very dark grey.

ImageBelow are the cookies resting after their first level of decorations. I was worried that any color I added on top of the white would bleed, so I let these sit overnight.

ImageThe next day I decided I wanted to pipe lines on the brush tips to make it look more paintbrush tip. Of course today I was able to achieve a deep black with my royal icing. The lines… did not look so hot though. As you can see, after testing it out I immediately scrapped it back off. It just looked sloppy.

ImageLuckily I bought black sprinkles the other day. I painted some piping gel on the tip of the brush and dipped it in the sprinkles. I then added the white royal icing to the empty spot on the cookie. I loved the way it looked with the black sprinkles. Just a tiny bit of pizazz!

ImageI spent the rest of my day adding the color to the palette cookies. This took longer than I anticipated (which seems to be how it goes for me). I kept the icing color stiff, and after I added it to the cookie I made little peaks in the color with a toothpick. I added a couple of dots here and there. I wanted it to look like an acrylic paint. A couple of times the icing was too thin. I would add powdered sugar until it was where I wanted it to be. Also, I thought if it was too thin it could bleed into the white. Luckily, that did not happen.

ImageI let the cookies dry overnight again. The details on the cookies were thick and really needed the time to dry. The next day, I tried something new. I bought pearl dust (silver), mixed it with a bit of vodka (don’t worry, the alcohol evaporates), and painted the white part on the paintbrushes to make it look like the little metal part on the brush.

ImageBelow is the final result of the cookies at the art show. Honestly, these were my favorite cookies to make so far. I loved how they turned out. I was so happy with the little paintbrushes with the “metal,” and the black sprinkles. They took much longer than I thought, but they were very straight forward.