Cake Pops 2.0

A friend of mine celebrated their 30th birthday this past weekend. I’m pretty broke so I debated for some time what I should bring. I was at Michaels picking up some supplies I ran out of (who knew I would go through dye so quickly!) and remembered I had cake pops in the freezer that I could bring to the party. I picked up some candy melts, Styrofoam, and some duct tape to cover it. I figured I could make simple cakepops.

If you remember reading my post about the construction cake pops, you may be surprised that I planned to do this. I was surprised myself. Cake pops are the devil.

I kept things simple. I took the Styrofoam board and taped it up with duct tape. It’s pretty awesome that you can buy it in so many colors, and patterns. Very handy for the future of cake pops (if I ever make them again). You need to find them in your local stores or Amazon. Check it out! The second picture below is the cake pops I pulled out of the freezer. Since cake pops have to be frozen anyway, this was perfect. I didn’t have to make another cake! I also had about an hour to get this done.

simonscakepop2While the cake pops were working their way to room temperature, I heated up the candy melts. When they were almost completely melted, I added in a heaping teaspoon of Crisco to thin it out. I stirred vigorously. This may have been a problem. If you look closely you can see small air bubbles and white dots in the melts. This should have bothered me, but I didn’t care. Why? Because I dipped them in silver sanding sugar. Yay to covering imperfections!

simonscakepop1I also picked out a light blue color. I felt like I added too much Crisco to this one. I really need to look into paramount crystals. They are apparently better than using Crisco, but I’m hesitant to get them until the weather cools off. If they are melted into one solid block, that would defeat the purpose of buying them.

simonscakepop3I coated the lighter blue pops in sanding sugar as well. As I was making the cake pops I remembered why I hate making them so much. It’s the fickle candy melts. If they aren’t cooperating, your cake pops suffer.

After they were all done I lined up the cake pops on the board I use for them to dry to make sure I had enough room for all of them.

simonscakepop6I thought I would put the cake pops on the stand in a fancy order (two on the outside, two in the middle), but it just looked sloppy. Below is the attempt at being “fancy,” and the second picture is how I brought them to the party.

simonscakepop4They were a bit uneven and some were smaller than others. But for a last second gift idea I think they did the job. Everyone seemed to like them at the party, and I got a request to make more next month for a baby shower. So just think – in a month I’ll be complaining about cake pops again!


Cold Stone for my birthday!

My birthday came and went. What kind of cake did I want? Nothing that I made and nothing that was vanilla. I am so sick of the smell and taste of vanilla that I can no longer eat things that are sweet, or taste of vanilla. I actually get sick when I’m putting icing on my cakes and I smell it. At the moment, no one is asking me to make chocolate things. This means chocoalte still tastes and smells good to me.

What did I decide to do? Cold Stone. Oh yeah. Ice cream cake. How can you ever go wrong with ice cream cake? I’m 100% baffled that anyone would turn down amazing ice cream cake for something I make. I mean really, it’s ice cream. In a cake. Oh so good!

This sucker below was chocolate and peanut butter. I had a slice a day until it was gone. Seriously, this made my birthday amazing. I just had a small dinner with my parents and my sister. Didn’t go out, didn’t see anyone. Just me, them, and my cold stone cake. It was such sweet relief to have some kind of baked good around that I didn’t make!


mybithdayI mean seriously. How good does that look?

Last minute birthday cake!

After the cake pop fiasco, I was happy to be home and able to relax. I was looking forward to getting a good nights sleep. As I sat on my front porch after taking my dog for a walk, I got a text from my sister. A teacher of my niece’s wanted to see if I could make a birthday cake for the next day. I thought she was kidding me at first. No way, right? But yeah… Way… While I sat there for a moment wondering if I could do it, or if I even wanted to do it… I decided I had to. But then I remembered it would probably be easy! I had cakes in the freezer! A 6″ chocolate, an 8″ chocolate, and about 5 pounds of buttercream. I was told the person ordering wanted to try something different (usually orders vanilla with vanilla buttercream). So I figured I could make my normal vanilla cake, but maybe try a custard. If that was the case, I really didn’t have much to make! Easy peasy! Let’s go for it!

ImageI’m not sure why I haven’t learned by now. Disaster traveled with me the rest of the night. God. Will it ever be easy? I started the evening off with making the vanilla cake. I made it like I always do. I put the bake even strips on, oiled the pan, put down the parchment paper, everything normal. But for some reason, they didn’t rise correctly. And then when I tried to pull the parchment paper off, chunks of the cake came with it! I was baffled. No idea why this was happening. I didn’t trust making the cakes with these, so I started over. But again, flashing forward another hour and a half, the very same thing happened. No idea why! Why would it stick to parchment paper? Why? I still can’t figure it out. Just looking at these pictures makes me upset about it all over again.

ImageAfter I had my broken vanilla cakes sitting all sad looking on their wire racks, I set up my chocolate cake. My plan for the birthday cake was a two tier: 8″ and 6″. Since I already had an 8″ chocolate and an 6″, I just cut the 8″ down to a 6″ so I wouldn’t have to make another chocolate cake. Bonus!

ImageI made a chocolate buttercream for the filling in the top layer of the cake. I figured this would be different for them, but I was told that someone at the party hates chocolate and I wanted to keep all the chocolate in one layer.

Below, you can see my attempt at filling the bottom layer with a vanilla custard. I found a recipe that seemed easy to make. It took an extremely long time to cool after I finally got it at the right consistency I needed as a cake filling. It tasted okay, as I expect a custard to taste. I piped a buttercream dam around the edge. A little voice in my head told me I should make a bigger dam (in fact, I should get a bigger round tip, going to make a note of that). Anyway, I filled in the cake and I knew it was already a bad idea. But I figured, hey! Maybe I’m wrong. Let’s stack it and see.

No, no no. Horrible. As you can see in the picture below the buttercream dam started to push outside of the crumb coat. I waited longer to see what would happen, and the custard began to leak out of the cake. I was very upset. I tried plugging the holes, and wiping away the custard, anything that I thought would work. Things were going wrong one after the other and at this point and I was again questioning why I do this to myself. I should admit, I even threw a spatula across the kitchen at one point. I was pretty angry.

14bdaycake4So here is where a slightly positive thing happened. I had to toss the cake with the custard. There was no way I could hope the custard would stay in place so I had to make a new bottom for the cake. Now earlier in the day, I made an extra two vanilla cakes because of that parchment problem. So luckily I was able to level and fill those extra two cakes and fill them with buttercream. I really wanted the custard to work. But if I think about how things ended up, maybe it was a good thing all these bad things happened because I was told that the custard and cake didn’t taste great. I’ll have to work on that at some point. On weeks that I don’t have anything to do, like this week because I had a canceled cake, I should be practice more cakes. Ah well, soon enough I suppose.

Anyway. I used a 1M tip and piped swirls on the cake. I made a ton of purple buttercream and then the two lighter colors. I took purple fondant and cut out two circles and a heart. Shaped it with a toothpick to make a little dress. I decorated it with royal icing and a flower. I set it up to dry until right before I had to deliver the cake. The dress was easy to make actually. I should make more of these for simple decorations.

14bdaycake5Below is a closeup picture of the little dress I made. I wasn’t sure how to use it as the cake topper since I didn’t want the bottom to sink into the buttercream. I ended up making a large ball of fondant and sticking it into the cake, then taking a toothpick and attaching the ball inside the cake, and the ball under the dress (that was helping to shape it). This held the dress just above the buttercream.

14bdaycake6I then took another piece of fondant and wrote out happy birthday on it. I’m not a big fan on my handwriting, but if I had more time, and more fondant I would have practiced this more. Also, this would be good to add to the cake before the buttercream crusts so it doesn’t make any of the flowers crack.

14bdaycake7The cake almost made it there without fault. I didn’t think to “glue” the bottom cake board to the larger board. It ended up sliding into the large box I can it in and smashing a flower. So, something else I’ve learned is to make sure that cake is glued with royal icing, or buttercream, or both! Just make sure it can’t move.

It ended up being a very long night for something I thought I could do in a few hours. Oh well.

Construction Cake Pops vs. Brain Cells

A friend of mine referred me to her boss for a 5th birthday party. I was surprised that I got an e-mail to follow! I was told that the party was at Home Depot and she was looking for cake pops. Ah, cake pops. I’ve never made them before. They seem pretty simple, but since I never made them before there is always that tiny bit (or a big bit) of apprehension. A cake, cupcakes, or even cookies was something I already began looking up, so cake pops threw me for a loop. I was originally asked for the cake pops to be shaped into something associated with the construction theme, like tools. I didn’t think this would be possible.  I saw one of two options: (1) make a regular cake pop and attach mini fondant tool shapes to the top of each one, or (2) make the cake pops into shapes I might actually be able to do. We went with option 2, with the goal of making 10 construction cone cake pops and 10 hard hat cake pops.

So with panic about, I went at it. Cake pops ahoy! I should mention, the cake pops in the little cake pop machines aren’t what people are usually looking for. They want the moist ones. I lucked out that they wanted vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. I offered many options, including red velvet and peanut butter and jam (seriously?). I never made those combinations before. It reminded me I need to test out more cakes in my spare time. At some point someone is going to want something other than vanilla and chocolate! I found this recipe that sounded pretty good. I’m not sure why I didn’t go with my normal chocolate cake recipe, but anyway:

ImageThis cake was a pain in my neck to make. I followed the instructions which included having a dry mixture set up, a boiling water and coco powder one, and a milk and vanilla bowl… I can things everywhere. Running around the kitchen like and insane person. But as you can see below the cakes came out nice and level so I was happy with that.

ImageI knew I wouldn’t need this much cake so I decided to freeze 1/2 of the cakes. So 1 chocolate cake and 1 vanilla cake. I’ve recently learned that some people think freezing cakes is a bad idea, that it isn’t fair to the people you serve it to. I’m a bit confused by this. The freeze is a good friend of mine. I always buy in bulk and freeze almost everything (well, within reason). The cake tastes exactly the same and its easier to level when frozen. But, to each their own.

ImageI know you can shred the cake by hand but I threw mine in my KitchenAid and let that do the job for me. I waited until it was broken down into fine crumbs then slowly added in the chocolate buttercream. I started with two tablespoons and let it mix again. It wasn’t at a play-doh like consistency yet so I added a little bit more. The picture on the lower right shows some of the mixture sticking to the sides of the bowl. I thought this would be an issue, but it wasn’t. So if this happens to you, just ignore it.

ImageThe picture below shows more of the consistency I was looking for. I kept the cake covered while I rolled out the balls. I didn’t want it to dry out.

ImageJust one 8 inch cake makes a ton of cake pops. I used a small scooper but I still didn’t get them all the same size. I guess it really doesn’t matter once th3ey are all bagged and decorated. But looking at this picture you can see how different in size they all were. It is very easy to roll them into a ball. Possibly years of rolling meatballs has helped here.

ImageI used a frozen vanilla cake that I had. Below, you can see how I broke up and mixed the cake. In the bottom right picture you can see that I formed the vanilla ones into little cone shapes. They are easy to form into the shape you need, but If I was going to try something more detailed or with a pointed edge, I think I would need more buttercream. I would have to try that sometime in the future.

ImageWhen I was looking up some guides to making cake pops one of the articles I read suggested that you keep a cup of extra crumbs set aside in case you add too much buttercream to the mixture , you’ll be able to toughen it back up. Because I didn’t need to do this, I add extra cup of vanilla cake and chocolate cake. I figured I wouldn’t let it go to waste and combined them both to make extra cake balls to store. The medium color was the combination cake balls. I had a lot of extra cake pops to freeze. This ended up being great because I needed extra. Sometimes the candy melts wouldn’t dry right, or a pop would get ruined, and then for some I had to re-do because I just didn’t like the way it looked. Bottom line? Making extra is good!

ImageThe hard hats were much easier to make than the traffic cones. For the hats, I first carved a little crescent moon shape out of the yellow candy melts (I used Wilton), and “glued” it to the cake pop with melted candy melts. This took a little bit to get right. They were sticking out a bit on the sides, but eventually I realized when the pop was dipped it would fill in the sides. You need to make sure the piece you cut out is large enough. With a few layers of melts it will look like a little bump on the hat. (Side note: Pretty sure if I added eyes, I could have made this a duck… Moving on.) After the hat dried (and it dried quickly), I put some extra melts into a piping bag and cut the tip off. I piped three lines like a hard hat has on the top. I tried to add some more detail on the sides at first, but it just didn’t look right. I think these turned out pretty good. I should also note, that when making the candy melts I put them in the microwave at 50% power at 30 second intervals. Once it was almost completely melted, I added in a teaspoon of Crisco to make sure it was thin enough. I read some complaints about Wilton being too clumpy on cake pops but if you add Crisco or Paramount Crystals it solves this problem. I couldn’t get the Paramount Crystals in time, but Crisco did the trick.

ImageNow for the pain. I figured these would be easier to make than the hard hats. I was very wrong about that. So I molded the cake into a little cone. I put some candy melt onto the stick before I put it into the cake pop. I didn’t want for it to dry. This worked out pretty well, but if the cake pops warmed up too much, they would get stuck in the candy melts. I had them in the freezer for a few hours, then moved them into the fridge as I set up until they weren’t solid anymore. They sat on the counter as I melted the candy melts. I’m hoping I can remember this process next time. I’ve read about the pop being too cold can lead to cracking as the melts dry.

Anyway, I tend to ramble! You can see in the bottom picture the squares on the counter. I ordered a plastic mold for chocolates for squares. I put them in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes until they hardened. I then took a knife and spun a hole into the bottom of the square until I reached the other side. Once I did I was able to spin the candy stick into the square. I then used some melts to attach the two pieces together.

ImageOkay. So below you can see the squares attached to the cones. I probably should have left them as is, but I thought it looked too disjointed. The picture on the bottom was my first shot at making the cones. I added more orange so they would look like one piece. I seriously struggled with adding the white lines. If I left it thick enough to stay in place when I put it on the pop, it would look so sloppy since it would dry so fast (like it does below). If i thinned it so it would be easy to manipulate, it would take too long to dry. I would have to put it on in sections and it still wouldn’t look right. After showing some people the picture, they all were in agreement that they didn’t look good and I should try again. Thank goodness for all those extra cake pops in my freezer!

ImageTime to try again! I figured maybe if I had the squares on the stick first, then added the cone, it would look better. Seamless even? Below is a better picture of putting the holes in the squares. I set them up on the sticks and then prepared the cone pops again.

ImageSince I had to go back to the store and buy more candy melts, I found these Wilton candy decorating tips. I figured maybe I could use those to pipe the white lines easier without getting clogged. When I used the metal piping tips it dried closed almost instantly. Below, you can see the result of adding the still wet cone directly to the square. It does look a bit better, but I still wasn’t a fan.

ImageI wasn’t successful in getting the white lines the way I wanted them, but I ran out of time. I had to deliver the cake pops to the office of the woman who ordered them. It was an hour drive away and I wanted to try and make it there before heavy traffic started. She only wanted them individually bagged, so I put them in the box below laid out. I picked out the best cones and just went with it.

ImageSo here is where I had a breakdown: I already struggled with the cake pops, and had to run to the store first thing in the morning to rush making new ones. So I get in the car, and drive an hour to the location. The parking lot was a zoo. I had to keep driving around just to find a spot. When I finally did, the spot was so small I struggled getting the box out of the car… and BAM! Somehow… I broke two of them. Smashed flat. I just started at them in shock for a long period of time, completely devastated. I contacted my friend who worked with the customer and told her what happened. I gave her the two broken cake pops, and told the client that I would have to drop off the cake pops on the day of the party. If it was actually the day of the party, I would have had someone bring me the spares at home and meet me half way… I would have been an hour late, but I would have gotten them there. But that’s beside the point. So I had to drive all the way back home (in angry tears). I picked up new supplies and remade the ones that broke.

I was so upset that I such an error happened that I didn’t want to give someone the cake pops laying in a box like I was going to do. I went and picked up some Styrofoam and caution tape. I needed to make a display for the cake pops for presentation, and to possibly hide any of the sloppy errors on the pops themselves.

First I tried hot gluing the caution tape all over the Styrofoam, but the glue began to melt the tape. Instead, I attached two cake boards to the Styrofoam and only the caution tape around the outside with some light tape and cooled glue to hold it together. The glue also melts the Styrofoam so the cake boards came in handy. I printed out some construction signs and added them to the front of the display.

ImageThe end result looked good, but damn. It was a rough few days. I really began to question if it was worth all the time and effort.

18th Birthday Cake

I think I should have a reality show. Just some cameras around the kitchen that film me when I make a cake. I’m sure people would love to watch me have mental break downs, sometimes cry, throw things around the kitchen, and talk about how I’m wasting my time with what I’m doing, yelling how something only is getting me $50 and I spent 12 hours making it… Yeah, I’m a mess. A horrible, horrible mess when I’m doing a cake. I really should consider a small sedative.

Anyway! As you can see below, I was ready for a long night. You can also see that it was day time when I started. God, this was a long day/night. I had my coffee ready.

ImageI started soaking my new bake-even strips from Wilton. I figured they were worth a shot. They are supposed to prevent the sides from cooking before the middle, and therefor make for even baking. They suggested soaking for at least 5 minutes before putting them around the cake pan.

ImageRight after the batter was finished mixing I wrapped the cake pans in the strips. I left them soaking. When I put them in the oven, I heard some sizzling as the edges touched the bottom. I pushed the two pans together to prevent the strips from hitting the oven. When I looked into the oven, I was shocked to see my cakes were baking level. I wish I could express how excited I was to see them baking like this. Perfection really.

ImageThey took a little longer to cook (about 10 more minutes), but look at them. Just look at them! All that baked even perfection. Sigh. Not sure I would ever get something this level and perfect again. I also knew this was bad foreshadowing. Something going so right at the start? Yeah. This means problems ahead… And… Yes. Problems happened.

ImageI decided I wanted to make a 8″ layer, 6″, and top it off with a 4″. I bought 4″ cake pans. I thought they looked pretty cute.

ImageLook how beautiful they all are just sitting there. All level, and waiting to be decorated. I wish i could have left them like this.

ImageIt was time to make my buttercream. I bought a new container of Crisco. Not sure why I’m adding this picture (it’s getting late), but I thought the Crisco looked so pretty all smooth in the container. I’m weird, okay?

ImageI followed this old recipe I had for a crusting buttercream. There was some notation from the author that she always tripled the recipie in her 5qt mixer. She said it was always filled to the top, but the icing always came out smooth. Well. Here it is. This was overflowing. I couldn’t even add the rest of the powdered sugar! I will never do that again. Holy bananas that was insane. How would this seem like a good idea? The mess it made, oh dear.

ImageThe amount of buttercream ended up coming in handy, but more on that in another blog post. Here are all my cakes iced and Viva’ed. Oddly enough, the hardest cake to ice was the 4″ one. But still, it went kinda smoothly. So I was again worried disaster was close by. I should consider making a cake with just a buttercream. I need to work more on the edges to do that, but it may be possible!

ImageSo I started trying to cover the cakes in fondant. It wasn’t going well. I weight out the fondant to make sure I was using enough. Rolling it out was more difficult than it should have been, but once it was on the cake it wouldn’t lay correctly and was getting immediate elephant skin. I must have tried for two hours to get these things covered correctly. I had to keep throwing out fondant and then cover it again in buttercream, waited for it to crust, then covered it again in fondant. Ugh. At some point in the middle of the night I just gave up and left it covered horribly. If you look, you can see the problems. The picture on the left is the dowels in the cake. I even spent a good 20 minutes trying to sharpen a dowel to stab through all the cakes. I gave that up eventually and stabbed it with a metal skewer. Then I put the wooden dowel in. That worked. I’m sure I’ll have to figure something else out in the future.

ImageSince I gave up and decide to roll with that I had, I decided to try and cover the imperfections up with dots, and a boarder. I didn’t think to take a picture of the back of the cake. At one area I have it covered in dots. Boy oh boy was it a mess. I could only hope they would have the cake against a wall, or be distracted by something else to look at. The picture below is the final cake. I had to add a bunch of flowers to the top since the purse was too big to use as a cake topper. It would have worked if I didn’t add the 4″ layer.

ImageHere is the little purse I made that I ended up putting in front of the cake. It was a bit sloppy, but I was in an angry state at this point. I thought the purse looked cute though. The buttons were a nice final touch.

ImageOverall, they seemed happy with the cake. I should note they asked for the cake to be sweeter and more moist than the cupcakes I made for them the other day. I make my cupcakes moist with a muted sweetness. I’ve always hated desserts that were hard to eat because of their level of sweet. But, I did what they asked. I soaked that cake in simple syrup and broke out my ultra sweet icing. They liked this, so I made a note to use the same procedure for future cakes.


X-Box Cookies

When I decided to start this blog, I figured the only way I can take a potential cake business seriously would be if I could keep up with something like a blog. I have this bad habit of putting something simple off to do at another time, but then (of course) something else comes up, and then all the little simple things turn into one big project. So here I am, with all my little pictures ready to be added to blog posts. I’m going to try and bag it out today, and never do this again. Of course, I’ll say this and be in the same boat in a few months.

Anyway. Ignoring the Debbi Downer thing I have going on, I was asked to make Xbox themed cookies. I spent some time looking at what I could make and figured the controllers would be the easiest thing to do. Of course, I didn’t have a cookie cutter which was lovely. I really dislike having to cut out my own cookies. Something that should take about 30 minutes becomes a two hour plus ordeal. Below, is the picture and guide I used to cut and then decorate the cookies. The picture below also shows that the cookies spread out a little when they were baking. I’m not sure why, but since it didn’t distort the cookies too much I dismissed the problem for another day. ImageI also made some little circles and square cookies. I planned on making very simple designs to add to each favor bag.

ImageMy original idea with the cookies was to leave the circles open for the buttons, and add them later. You can see this below. It was so sloppy I knew it wouldn’t work. It’s a good thing I stopped with two cookies here. I filled them in, and then filled all the controller cookies in white. 

ImageI ran into some good luck for once and didn’t have to make any more royal icing. I had tons from making other cookies I was also making this week. I have them all wrapped up. I did make the decision that I will not wrap the icing again. Some of the thin consistency icing will fall from the bag no matter how tightly wrapped it was. Containers are much easier to handle.

ImageI needed to use a very small amount of color for the buttons on the controller and didn’t want to use four different piping bags just to make a couple of dots. I decided to try wrapping the icing in saran wrap again (last time I tried icing went all over me, and my kitchen). This time I had success. It kept the bag clean. I think this is best if you use a small amount of icing.

ImageBelow, you can see some of the squares. In retrospect, I should have piped the green lettering right onto the wet black icing for a nice effect. But anyway, you can also see the four colors I piped onto the cookies as the buttons. After they dried, I wrote the letters onto the dots with edible marker. I was going to try and pipe it on but I worried it would be too sloppy. Writing it out had the desired effect.

ImageI put some X’s and power buttons on the circle cookies. Again, I think these would have looked much nicer if I did the wet on wet approach with the design. Oh well! It is what it is. I took all the little circles and squares and boxed them up as an additional gift to the person that ordered these from me.

ImageFinal product! I think these could have been cleaner, but they still look like controllers. The best part was that they looked better when they were wrapped up. I found a website where I could make my own Xbox achievement (Happy Birthday), and printed it up. I’m about 60% happy with the final result.


Putting together the pieces: Cupcakes done!

After finishing the cake, I went to sleep for a few hours, then began work on the cupcakes. I found this recipe and went for it ( The recipe called for cake flour, which I didn’t have and my local store didn’t stock, so I went with regular flour. I also used extra light olive oil instead of canola oil. Luckily, I had buttermilk on hand.

When I pulled the first batch out of the oven, they were no where near done. I let them cook another 7 minutes, but then worried I overcooked them. The next batch came out normal, but they were very pointed tops. No idea why that happened. I like the cupcakes to have a slight dome to them.

While the cupcakes were cooling, I made small, rolled flowers to use as a flower bush on the cupcake. I rolled 25 of purple/pink/reddish. They were easy to roll and dried quickly.

ImageI saved the rest of the buttercream I put on the tooth cake, and used Kelly Green + 1 drop of Chocolate Brown gel fool coloring to get the color green I wanted. I put a thin layer of icing on the cupcakes to hold the house, and the walkway.

ImageI should mention, before I put the thin layer of icing on, I put some simple syrup on each cupcake. I put a dash of vanilla extract in the syrup as well. I was concerned some of the cupcakes would be overcooked, and used this as a possible way to balance it out. I actually forgot all about using simple syrup on my baked goods until that moment. I really should be doing that on everything.

ImageThe houses ended up being very heavy, so I cut toothpicks in half and put them inside the houses just to anchor them into the cupcakes better. The walkway just stuck right on. I wanted the house and the walkway down first, then I piped the grass around the rest of the cupcake. After the grass was on, I put on the flowers.

ImageI’m very happy with how they came out! They all looked adorable. There is one thing I didn’t make on the cupcake: the little flower next to the house. I had these flowers from a few months ago for the first cake I made for my niece. They really are perfect to use. Either I need to buy more, or I need to learn how to make them.

My friend wanted these cupcakes for her daughters first birthday party that had a fairy theme. She ordered a fairy hut cake and asked if the cupcakes could match. So below is how it looked on the dessert table. I think the cupcakes added to the presentation. I really liked the little figure that the was made for the cake. I need to practice on that myself!