My First Fondant Covered Cake

Before I started molding the houses for the cupcakes I have due, my friend who asked me to make the cupcakes asked if I would have the time to also make a cake for her father. His birthday was the day of her daughters first birthday party, and wanted to make sure he had something for himself. She sent me a few pictures of fondant covered “tooth” cakes. Against my better judgment, I agreed to do the cake.

Constructing the houses took longer than I thought they would, so the day before the party (when everything was due), so I had to put that aside and work on the cake. I didn’t have to leave for the party until 2PM the next day, so technically I could finish the cupcakes in the morning. Right? Sure, why not!

I decided to make a chocolate cake for the tooth cake since it has proven to be the easier cake to work with. So of course, this would mean something would go wrong.

ImageAnd it did! I made two cakes at once, and only one leveled. As you can see, the cake to the left just didn’t rise, and didn’t bake. Each toothpick I took out had batter on it, and it was just so heavy, and dry, I couldn’t even use it. This lead to some panic since I didn’t have enough coco powder or oil to make another cake. I decided to make a vanilla cake and cross my fingers.

ImageEverything looked good with the vanilla cake. The only issue I had was trying to level both the cakes. For some reason that I need to figure out, my stove just doesn’t bake things evenly and I end up with one side lower on my makes. Even leveling it doesn’t solve this problem since I can’t cut it that low without ruining the cake. I used the buttercream frosting (my french vanilla one that I’ve been iffy about for some time now) to even out the cake. It wasn’t perfectly level, but it worked. Plus, I had to carve off the edges anyway.

I was concerned about how to shape the cake, so I painted a tooth shape on the cake with buttercream and cut off the edges with a serrated knife. I think it came out pretty good! Subtle shape, but still a tooth.


Now for the part I was very worried about… Fondant covering time! I took a large ball of it, probably more than I needed, but I wasn’t quite sure how this all worked.

ImageAnd bam! I got it covered. I had to move quickly, but I got it covered. The edges weren’t as clean as they should be, but it was on! There were some imperfections in the fondant, but there wasn’t much I could do about that. In the future, I need to figure out a way to keep everything dust free. It is amazing how much dust just appears. I washed my hands, even took off my shirt at one point, scrubbed everything around the surface, and still there was dust. I got it all off eventually, but man that was a pain.

ImageAfter cleaning up all the sides, I spent about a half an hour trying to make a bow tie for the tooth. I thought just eyes and a smile would be too simple, and he needed a bit more pizzazz. I never made a bow before, I kept working at it until I had something I could work with. I couldn’t find any of my circle cookie cutters so I had to make due. I used cups, and a knife to make all the eyebrows, eyes, and the mouth to the tooth. I am very happy with how it looked in the end. Simple, but cute!