Graduation Cookies

I wasn’t sure if I should call this post “Graduation Cookies,” or “Sugar Cookies I’m finally happy with.” My nieces preschool graduation was coming about and I made cookies for my sister and one of the other moms. I ordered Wilton Graduation themed cookie cutters and figured I would make simple diplomas and graduation hats. I tried to find something more “interesting,” but was really falling flat. Figured I would go with the simple design.

One of the things I was proud of (at least at first) was that I followed my schedule. The first day I made and refrigerated the dough, second day I cut and baked, 3rd the first coat, 4th finished the decorating, and 5th bagged to go. This was also the first time in a while that I didn’t have to cut or edit any of the cookies as I was cutting them. It took about 2 hours to cut and bake 65 cookies. I loved having the cookie cutters available. Made things much easier. I also put the tray of cut cookies in the freezer for a few minutes before I put them in the oven to help the cookies keep their shape. The only issue I found with that, is they should bake for another minute since the tray gets so cold. My cookies were all just cooked, I would like them a bit more in the future. ImageI thought the diploma and hats may be a bit boring so I wanted to try something fun. When I was searching I found this website ( It had a cute tutorial for making children faces holding a diploma. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Following the instructions I used the shooting star cookie cutter that came in the graduation cutter set to cut into the diploma cookie, and attach both cookies together. I squished them together when they were still dough. Luckily, the cooked into each other.                                    ImageLots of cookies made. I never really notice how many I make until they are all lined up. It filled my cookie bin up! I made some shooting star cookies just to mess around with since I had so much extra dough. Each batch of dough makes 15-22 cookies depending on size. I try to overshoot just to make sure I have more than enough. Plus, I can give away any extra.

ImageI have a problem where I need to constantly look at the picture to remember what colors I was aiming for and what order I want to go in. So this time I traced the cookies cutters in my book and wrote out what I wanted on each. This may seem like a silly step, but it actually really helped me.

ImageI started with yellow icing. I wanted to get the tassels on the hat set before I outlined the hats and color in the shooting stars. Once the stars were filled in I practiced writing “2014” onto them. I thought the wet/wet technique would look better. Below, is my first time actually using a rubber band to close my icing bag. All I can say is, holy bananas! Why am I so difficult? This really makes things much easier. The royal icing doesn’t dry out, I don’t have to worry about it leaking out, and it was much easier to save for the next day in the same bag.

ImageI practiced writing on 2014 multiple ways, but the wet/wet technique just didn’t look right. I decided I would save the black for the next day and write the numbers and sprinkle them in black icing. I hoped it would solve the problems. Practice is key with the writing. The more I wrote out the numbers, the happier I was with them.

My nieces graduation outfit is a shiny, navy blue. I used Wilton royal blue gel color. It came out a very brilliant blue, but not navy. I thought if I added a dash of black it would bring it up to a navy color. Well, my bottle of black is running low so I had to shake it out. Too much black came out and the color ended up a bluish grey. So then I added more blue. Way too much coloring in the small amount of icing I made. It ended up being this cornflowery blueish color. I wasn’t going to make any more icing so I just went with it.

ImageI outline and filled the graduation hats. I really wasn’t happy with how the icing looked on the hats. I had way too much dye in there. The icing didn’t dry flat either. In the future I need to add an extra day to make the royal icing. I think most of the problems I have with it is because I don’t let it sit. Even sitting for a few hours I can see the air bubbles rising out of the icing. If I make and color the icing the day before it should solve most of my air bubble problems. Right? Guess we will see next time!

ImageThis next picture is a little bit out of order (as you can see the hats aren’t filled in), but I wanted to keep my train of thoughts together. I had filled in the diplomas with white royal icing, and then I filled in the three “test” cookies in white as well.

ImageWith everyone set up with the first coat on the cookies I cleaned up and let everything dry 24 hours for the next and final coat.

ImageI started with finishing the shooting stars. Since I was making one tray of graduation cookies I figured I should have one or two of the stars in there with the year on it would be necessary for the graduation theme. Below, you can see my attempts at writing out “2014” on all the cookies. On the ones I liked, I added the black sprinkles. I did try adding some more yellow designs, like dots, or swirls to add to the shooting star thing, but it just didn’t work. They looked better leaving them plain.

ImageI spent a decent amount of time working on the ribbon on the diplomas. At first I did a simple string like design, and then I practiced making the ribbon shape until it looked right on the diploma (yay for making extra!). I ended up with this as the final design. I made the ribbon yellow since the tassel on the cap is also yellow. My own negative for the diplomas was not adding and extra layer of “swirl” to make the paper looked more rolled. I think next time using a #1 tip instead of a #2 would make this easier. I also didn’t go back and add an outline to the bow. It just wasn’t necessary.

ImageWith the diplomas done I moved along to the hats. I ran out of the same blue color that I used to fill in the hats, so I recreated it as best as I could and outlined the hats. The more I outlined the hats, the better they got. Again, practice is the key. After the outline dried slightly, I added the details to the tassel and connected the tassel to the top of the hat (#2 tip). Side note: I realized that when I type this out it seems like this would take so much less time than it does. Oh well!

ImageHere is a closeup of the shooting star with the numbers with sugar. They aren’t perfect, but they get the job done.

ImageNow for the final show! The big finale! The link I put at the start of this article had these cookies below. They step by step pictures really seemed like something I could follow. With how unsteady my hand is and how horrible my artistic talent (see: none). But here are my cookies! With each detail I added to the cookies the happier I was getting. I mean seriously, look how cute! I wish I made more! I only made three because I thought they would be throw away cookies! These are my favorite ones to date! Yay cookies! To make “boy” cookies, I would had added eyebrows instead of eyelashes, but I really wanted to make long hair and eyelashes.

ImageBelow is the tray ordered by one of the moms at my nieces school. I think the girl with the curly hair (made after the daughter of the woman who ordered) and the two 2014’s just added to the tray. I found the container at Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1.99. I love how this tray came out! I mean seriously. Am I ever this happy when I make something?

ImageThe rest I put in individual bags with a note attached. My niece is going to give these out at her graduation ceremony.

ImageSo cookies done! I think I would like to make all of the faces for another graduation gift. I also need to work on the placement. It’s supposed to look like they are holding the diploma up over their mounts (which is why they don’t have them), but if they are too low it may look weird they don’t have mouths. For now, I won’t nip pick because I liked these too much. But just one more picture of the cute cookies before I go!



Artist Palette & Paintbrush Cookies

The other cookies I had to do the same week as the Xbox ones (which worked out in the royal icing department) were for my niece’s art show. She is in preschool and they put on a small show with all the work they did throughout the year. I was surprised at how great they school set everything up. I offered to bring refreshments fro two reasons: the first, my niece liked the idea that she brought them, and two, I was able to put out some business cards. Win/win? Oh and more practice for me. That’s always great.

artpicI didn’t have cookie cutters (again). Not having these things really sucks. So for the paintbrushes, I had to cut them out by hand again (below). The downside to cutting them out yourself is they can be a bit sloppy on the sides. You really have to hand fix them as you cut them. The plus side, is most people don’t notice since you put decorations on them. For the artist palette, I used a heart cookie cutter, then the tip of a #12 piping tip to cut out the hole, and then cut off the end of the heart with a spatula. I had to hand mold the the cookie after to make sure there wasn’t too many sharp edges.


artpic10I had to make an army of cookies. Well, a small army. I was aiming for 75 cookies, but ended up making about 90. It took me all night to cut out and bake all of these. My poor oven was getting a work out. I really need to keep buying as many cookie cutters as I can find.

ImageI flooded the palette cookies with white royal icing, and then prepared the paintbrushes. I pained the handles brown, left a small space, and then the tops black. I was having some trouble getting the black a real back as you can see below. It was a very dark grey.

ImageBelow are the cookies resting after their first level of decorations. I was worried that any color I added on top of the white would bleed, so I let these sit overnight.

ImageThe next day I decided I wanted to pipe lines on the brush tips to make it look more paintbrush tip. Of course today I was able to achieve a deep black with my royal icing. The lines… did not look so hot though. As you can see, after testing it out I immediately scrapped it back off. It just looked sloppy.

ImageLuckily I bought black sprinkles the other day. I painted some piping gel on the tip of the brush and dipped it in the sprinkles. I then added the white royal icing to the empty spot on the cookie. I loved the way it looked with the black sprinkles. Just a tiny bit of pizazz!

ImageI spent the rest of my day adding the color to the palette cookies. This took longer than I anticipated (which seems to be how it goes for me). I kept the icing color stiff, and after I added it to the cookie I made little peaks in the color with a toothpick. I added a couple of dots here and there. I wanted it to look like an acrylic paint. A couple of times the icing was too thin. I would add powdered sugar until it was where I wanted it to be. Also, I thought if it was too thin it could bleed into the white. Luckily, that did not happen.

ImageI let the cookies dry overnight again. The details on the cookies were thick and really needed the time to dry. The next day, I tried something new. I bought pearl dust (silver), mixed it with a bit of vodka (don’t worry, the alcohol evaporates), and painted the white part on the paintbrushes to make it look like the little metal part on the brush.

ImageBelow is the final result of the cookies at the art show. Honestly, these were my favorite cookies to make so far. I loved how they turned out. I was so happy with the little paintbrushes with the “metal,” and the black sprinkles. They took much longer than I thought, but they were very straight forward.


X-Box Cookies

When I decided to start this blog, I figured the only way I can take a potential cake business seriously would be if I could keep up with something like a blog. I have this bad habit of putting something simple off to do at another time, but then (of course) something else comes up, and then all the little simple things turn into one big project. So here I am, with all my little pictures ready to be added to blog posts. I’m going to try and bag it out today, and never do this again. Of course, I’ll say this and be in the same boat in a few months.

Anyway. Ignoring the Debbi Downer thing I have going on, I was asked to make Xbox themed cookies. I spent some time looking at what I could make and figured the controllers would be the easiest thing to do. Of course, I didn’t have a cookie cutter which was lovely. I really dislike having to cut out my own cookies. Something that should take about 30 minutes becomes a two hour plus ordeal. Below, is the picture and guide I used to cut and then decorate the cookies. The picture below also shows that the cookies spread out a little when they were baking. I’m not sure why, but since it didn’t distort the cookies too much I dismissed the problem for another day. ImageI also made some little circles and square cookies. I planned on making very simple designs to add to each favor bag.

ImageMy original idea with the cookies was to leave the circles open for the buttons, and add them later. You can see this below. It was so sloppy I knew it wouldn’t work. It’s a good thing I stopped with two cookies here. I filled them in, and then filled all the controller cookies in white. 

ImageI ran into some good luck for once and didn’t have to make any more royal icing. I had tons from making other cookies I was also making this week. I have them all wrapped up. I did make the decision that I will not wrap the icing again. Some of the thin consistency icing will fall from the bag no matter how tightly wrapped it was. Containers are much easier to handle.

ImageI needed to use a very small amount of color for the buttons on the controller and didn’t want to use four different piping bags just to make a couple of dots. I decided to try wrapping the icing in saran wrap again (last time I tried icing went all over me, and my kitchen). This time I had success. It kept the bag clean. I think this is best if you use a small amount of icing.

ImageBelow, you can see some of the squares. In retrospect, I should have piped the green lettering right onto the wet black icing for a nice effect. But anyway, you can also see the four colors I piped onto the cookies as the buttons. After they dried, I wrote the letters onto the dots with edible marker. I was going to try and pipe it on but I worried it would be too sloppy. Writing it out had the desired effect.

ImageI put some X’s and power buttons on the circle cookies. Again, I think these would have looked much nicer if I did the wet on wet approach with the design. Oh well! It is what it is. I took all the little circles and squares and boxed them up as an additional gift to the person that ordered these from me.

ImageFinal product! I think these could have been cleaner, but they still look like controllers. The best part was that they looked better when they were wrapped up. I found a website where I could make my own Xbox achievement (Happy Birthday), and printed it up. I’m about 60% happy with the final result.


Sugar Cookies vs. My Sanity

People like my sugar cookies. Which is awesome. I even tried one once, and I liked it. You can do so much with the icing and cookie cutters. You make make favors, or just have a dessert tray. But holy bananas. They can be such a pain in the neck, I want to throw them out the window constantly. My sister asked me if I could make cookies for a friend of hers that was due to give birth. Since birth dates are a tricky thing, I waited to make these when I heard she went into the hospital. This happened to coincide with a three-day span of downpours and damp weather. I didn’t think anything of it, but it became a problem later.

My sister asked for onesies, baby carriages, and butterfly cookies. The butterflies were to represent a family member of the new mom. I decided to make letters as well, since the babies initials were going to be A.B.C, which was too cute. I cut the cookies before the baby was born, so I also made “S” cookies since the babies name could have began with S. But look at how horrible that S cookie cutter is! Looks more like a snake. I adjusted it after the cookie was cut.

ImageI was concerned with only making this small amount of cookies. You never know what can go wrong!

ImageAfter the cookies were done (and sat for a few hours), I outlined the butterflies in black royal icing. I let these sit overnight. I was concerned if I put light colored icing next to the black too soon, the colors would bleed into one another.

ImageAfter the butterflies were outlined, I made purple, hot pink, and peach colored icing, and got to work on the other cookies. I’ve seen in many pictures, people using a wet/wet technique on royal icing to give a flat polka dot look. I went a little overboard with my dots.

ImageSince the babies name ended up staying A.B.C., I wanted to try and make the letters stick together. It was slightly problematic (and one C broke in the end), but eventually it worked. I had to use a ton of royal icing and patience to get them to stick together. But I think it was worth it for the overall design. For the set that the C broke off of, I just decorated the side, and wrote the babies name on the cookie. The name didn’t come out awesome, but I was having such problems with the icing at this point, I just rolled with it. I used a small dot of purple on some letters to make them more legible.

ImageI had high hopes for the baby carriages. I found this amazing picture I wanted to copy, with a pleated cover to the carriage. I figured it looked easy enough, and according to the instructions, I just had to wait 20 minutes between each piping. What could go wrong?

ImageYeah. A lot. Look how sloppy that is. Sheesh. The icing wasn’t working out well, and everything was just… a slop fest. the picture below shows what my original intention was (I drew on the cookie with edible markers). I ended up trying to color in the top of the cookies which made it even more sloppy.

ImageThey looked really sloppy here, but I hoped they would even out by the morning. Would they? Of course not!

ImageLook how horrible! It looked like I took a leather mat and imprinted the cookies. These were at least almost dry, but looked horrible. So what could I do to fix it? Hide it as best as possible! I bought sanding sugar the other day, so I figured I could cover up the parts that looked sloppy. I used piping gel to paint the wheels and the top of the cookie to hold on the sparkles. After I did that, I added some small sugar pearls around the bottom of the carriage. Even though I wasn’t super happy with how they came out, they looked much less sloppy.

ImageBut here is the big thing. I let the cookies sit out for about 12 hours. When I checked them, they were all still wet/sticky. This has never happened to me before when making cookies with royal icing. I guess it’s hard to tell in the picture below, but they were just not drying. I had to add some extra dots to the purple cookie because when I tested it, it was so tacky it made a mark. You can see the leathery appearance starting on these cookies too. Damn!

ImageI tried to put this in the back of my mind. I figured maybe I made some mistake somewhere along the line, so I decided to go ahead with the butterfly cookies. I used the wet/wet technique again on the butterflies. I would make three lines, then drag a toothpick through the lines to make the design on the butterflies. The butterflies had to be done right. This was the important part of the cookie platter,

ImageI let the cookies sit for another two days, but they still didn’t dry completely. I started frantically looking online to figure out why this happened. Turns out, when the climate is damp (and it rained for three days straight while I iced these cookies), it can make the icing not set, or take on a leathery appearance. Because I had a ton of work to do for the week, and the cookies had to be done in a couple of days, I couldn’t do anything to fix them. The more they dried, the more of a leathery appearance they took on. Below, if you look closely at the purple icing in particular you can see the issues. Apparently they still tasted fine, but I was/am not happy about it. I’m going to have to figure out what to do in case this happens again. Maybe try a glaze icing instead? Who knows!

ImageThey look cute from a distance at least!

First Cookie Sale!

As as it turns out, my first official sale was a batch of cookies! A teacher at my nieces pre-school tried some of my peep bunny cookies and ordered 20 of them. She asked for 10 of them to be bagged similar to how I made them for the pre-school, and 10 not bagged just to eat or possibly mail.

So I finally used the attachment for the mixer that allows you to add things to the batter as it is mixing. I have no idea what it is called, but you can see it in the picture below. Previously, I would have to unlock and lift the mixer out of the batter, add what I needed, and start back over. With this, it makes adding flour much easier. Some flour does still splatter out, but it’s easy clean up. Even draping a towel over the machine helps prevent that.


I used the paint sticks again to roll out the cookies, but this time I kept them at the thickness the paint sticks were. The last time I made these, I rolled them out a bit thinner. Turns out, I think the cookies are more successful on the thicker side.

practice6I picked up some mixing bowls to use just for royal icing. Usually I’m using any bowls I can grab to mix it, but that really isn’t the best idea since royal icing really should have its own bowls to make sure absolutely no oil has been in the bowls that could potentially ruin the royal icing. It made things much easier to do it this way. I made the same colors as last time (pastel green, yellow, pink and purple).

practice9Last time I used Wilton’s Black Decorating Icing in a tube to make the dots I needed for the eyes/noses. The icing didn’t set well, and smeared on some of the bags when I put the cookies in. This time, I made some black royal icing and let it dry overnight on the cookie. This seemed much more effective. I think the sprinkles helped the black icing not bleed.

After letting the cookies completely dry, I bagged and boxed them up. Right after I took this picture, I dropped my phone right onto the box of cookies. Breaking three of them. Well, just the icing on the ears. I bought some return address labels that I put my e-mail address on. I think they came out pretty cute!


My Favorite Peeps!

About a month ago, my sister asked me if I could make something for my niece’s preschool Easter party. I agreed. I didn’t think it would be until, you know, closer to Easter? Unfortunately no. I had a bomb dropped on me that they were due April 9th instead. Fantastic! I had already agreed to make more cupcakes this weekend, so I planned ahead and tried to not have too much to do at the last second.

First thing I did was make the sugar cookie dough on Sunday afternoon. I went with a different cookie recipe and I had more success with it ( The picture below shows my impatience. I need to learn to take the butter out and let it get to room temperature. Right now, I just zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then stab it with a knife while it mixes. As you can see, butter is wrapped around the mixer. It will not budge from here unless I attack it.

ImageAt first, I didn’t think these cookies were going in a positive direction. As you can see in the picture below, the dough formed into dry, mini balls at the bottom of the bowl.

ImageBut alas! The dough did exactly as the recipe said it would. The dough would “pull away from the sides of the bowl,” and indeed it did! As you can see, the bowl was almost clean. This put me in a better mood.

ImageLast time I made sugar cookies, I was searching for ideas on how to refrigerate the dough better. I remember reading that someone rolled out the dough a bit before hand, individually wrapped the sheets, and refrigerate it like that. I honestly don’t remember where I saw it, but figured I would give it a try. Below, you can see I rolled the dough out in 4 sections, and wrapped them in press-seal wrap. Then I stacked them, and put them all in the fridge.

ImageSo I just realized I somehow deleted the other pictures I took about rolling out the dough. I’m not sure how I even managed this, but guess I did! So, I used two paint sticks (glued together, so four total), and placed them on either side of the dough with parchment paper on top, and some flour on the counter under the dough (the link posted above is where I got the paint stick/parchment idea). I waited until the dough warmed up to almost room temperature. It still broke when I rolled it out, but nothing near as bad as the last time. The scraps also mixed back together very well. Hopefully the cookies go this well in the future!

So the next step was to make royal icing… But then I remembered! I saved royal icing from my tulip flowers. Holy bananas. I was too excited. I didn’t have to fight with the royal icing again. Additionally, I actually used something I saved, verses keeping it for a month than throwing it out. The best part, the colors are the same that I needed to make for the peeps. Fantastico! Below, you can see how I took it out of the fridge. The cling wrap worked amazing. I hand kneaded the icing in the bag to make sure it was well mixed, and the cling wrap didn’t even budge. You can see in the second picture, I could hang the bag in the air and still, nothing moved. In the third picture, you can see that I just cut the bottom of the cling wrap open, and was able to squeeze it directly into the new piping bag. It was super easy, and super clean. I’m considering doing this in the future to make the bags easier to fill.

ImageImageImageSince the icing was on the thin side, I couldn’t just outline and immediately flood the cookies. The icing would start to fall over the sides. So i did a rough outline first, then waited about two minutes then filled them.

ImageAfter filling in the cookies, I waited about 5 minutes, then poured sanding sugar from Wilton generously over each cookie. I waited another five minutes, then dumped off the excess sugar and put them on the rack to dry overnight.

ImageAfter all the cookies were done, I waited a few hours. I then used Wilton’s black decorating icing in a tube with a a #3 tip, and put on the eyes/mouth dots that match the peeps.

ImageImageThe next day, I bagged all the cookies and attached a sign that I found from ( This is also where I got the cookie idea from. I folded the paper in half (since my sister didn’t want any staples on the cookie bag), punched two holes it in, then weaved ribbon through it and tied the bag shut.

You can see in the picture below, the peep in the front row smeared a little on the bag. This was due to my impatience. I really should have let them dry for a few more hours before I put them in the bag. But overall, I think they came out great!







Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes

On Friday, I volunteered to donate cookies and cupcakes to a local school Chinese Auction. I figured if I was going, might as well offer to bring something! I found this recipe a few months ago ( for Butterbeer Cupcakes. If you’ve read/watched Harry Potter, the name of these cupcakes should sound familiar to you. If you’ve been to Universal Studios in Florida, and found your way over to the Harry Potter section of the park, you may have tried their amazingly awesome Butterbeer. So this recipe was something I’ve been meaning to try. Why not try it at a school function where most people would know what this was?

Everything for the recipe was pretty easy to find. My local supermarket had almost everything I never used before (like the dark brown sugar and butterscotch chips). The only thing I didn’t find was the butter flavoring (which according to the woman who made the recipe, the flavoring was extremely important). I went to Michales and they thankfully had what I was looking for. I should also note that I used real vanilla extract instead of my clear imitation one to make sure all my flavors were spot on.

ImageI (so far) have not tasted a final product of mine. But, I can’t help myself when I’m in the process of baking. I try it all! The mix with just the first few ingredients was just fantastic. I’m pretty sure I could have stopped right here, sat on the couch with a giant spoon and devour it.

ImageThe recipe said it was enough for 18 cupcakes. And wow! I filled exactly 18 cupcakes. I think I would add a little bit less batter in the future and stretch it to 19. This is the first time the result from the recipe I used was spot on. See look below! 18 cupcakes!

ImageI found these great cupcake liners at my supermarket that were foil on the inside, with a paper design on the outside to prevent the color from fading, or any oil leaking from the cupcakes. The only weird thing that happened was two of the cupcakes didn’t finish cooking after the rest were done. I put the two cupcakes below back in for about 4 more minutes.

ImageNext step was the butterscotch ganache. Now, I’m not a big butterscotch person. But this stuff was delicious, and smelled amazing. I took a bag of butterscotch chips with a cup of heavy cream, whisked it together until fully melted. Now it’s hard to tell in the first picture, but when the ganache was still hot/warm, it was pure liquid. Not something I could stuff into a cupcake. I waited until it reached room temperate (by keeping it in a water bath), and it reached a good consistency (second picture). Actually, it was too perfect at a cooler temperature. I couldn’t get the picture into the squeeze bottle! I considered using a piping bag, but the bottle was much easier to control. So I zapped the ganache in the microwave for 20 seconds, and it was more liquidy and easy for me to pour into a bottle. I took the tip of the squeeze bottle, stuffed it into each cupcake and filled them.

ImageAfter stuffing the cupcakes, I made the buttercream (which used some of the ganache), topped the cupcakes, and then used the rest of the ganache in the squeeze bottle as a drizzle.

ImageNow, I can’t keep things simple. After looking at them, I decided no one was going to know what kind of cupcakes these were. I needed to make them stand out. So I decided to make some wands. I saw something on Pinterest a long while back, which said if you used chopsticks, a hot glue gun, beads, and paint, you can make a wand. So I rushed to the store about bought wooden cake dowels since I couldn’t find chopsticks, and a box of different size beads. As you can see in the fist picture, I made different glue marks on the sticks, and attached some beads. It was very easy to do this, and the hot glue dried fast. I used brown acrylic paint on them and let them dry overnight (I stuck them in an egg carton so they would stand up straight as they dried. The entire glue/paint process took about an hour. Very easy to do!

ImageI also printed out two small pictures of the first Harry Potter book, and mini sign that said they were Butterbeer cupcakes. I think presentation is half the battle. These were going on a refershment table, so I wanted to make sure everyone looked at mine first! I also made a little tray up of those tulip cookies from the other day. I used green shredded paper as “grass,” with some plastic Easter eggs to give it a Spring feel.

ImageImageI did actually see anyone eat anything I made. They were all gone by the time I went back to check. I should take this as a good thing, but I didn’t inspect the garbage. Who knows? They could have tossed them out! Someone told me people seemed to like them… But apparently people wanted to eat the wands. I thought it was pretty clear they were wood, but I guess not? If I ever need to make a presentation of them again, I’ll see if I can figure something out with pretzel rods, M&Ms, and melted chocolate.