Putting together the pieces: Cupcakes done!

After finishing the cake, I went to sleep for a few hours, then began work on the cupcakes. I found this recipe and went for it (http://tinyurl.com/op8pucw). The recipe called for cake flour, which I didn’t have and my local store didn’t stock, so I went with regular flour. I also used extra light olive oil instead of canola oil. Luckily, I had buttermilk on hand.

When I pulled the first batch out of the oven, they were no where near done. I let them cook another 7 minutes, but then worried I overcooked them. The next batch came out normal, but they were very pointed tops. No idea why that happened. I like the cupcakes to have a slight dome to them.

While the cupcakes were cooling, I made small, rolled flowers to use as a flower bush on the cupcake. I rolled 25 of purple/pink/reddish. They were easy to roll and dried quickly.

ImageI saved the rest of the buttercream I put on the tooth cake, and used Kelly Green + 1 drop of Chocolate Brown gel fool coloring to get the color green I wanted. I put a thin layer of icing on the cupcakes to hold the house, and the walkway.

ImageI should mention, before I put the thin layer of icing on, I put some simple syrup on each cupcake. I put a dash of vanilla extract in the syrup as well. I was concerned some of the cupcakes would be overcooked, and used this as a possible way to balance it out. I actually forgot all about using simple syrup on my baked goods until that moment. I really should be doing that on everything.

ImageThe houses ended up being very heavy, so I cut toothpicks in half and put them inside the houses just to anchor them into the cupcakes better. The walkway just stuck right on. I wanted the house and the walkway down first, then I piped the grass around the rest of the cupcake. After the grass was on, I put on the flowers.

ImageI’m very happy with how they came out! They all looked adorable. There is one thing I didn’t make on the cupcake: the little flower next to the house. I had these flowers from a few months ago for the first cake I made for my niece. They really are perfect to use. Either I need to buy more, or I need to learn how to make them.

My friend wanted these cupcakes for her daughters first birthday party that had a fairy theme. She ordered a fairy hut cake and asked if the cupcakes could match. So below is how it looked on the dessert table. I think the cupcakes added to the presentation. I really liked the little figure that the was made for the cake. I need to practice on that myself!