Wilton Class 2, Lesson 1: Complete!

So I FINALLY started Wilton Course 2 at Michaels. I really should be finishing up with course 2 if everything went they way it was supposed to, but I need to get over that. So anyway, course 2! I signed up, and it looks like there is a sale right now on the courses since Wilton is re-doing all of their marketing. Basically, most of the things they currently sell are just getting their packaging redone. But, I did look around and see some really awesome silicon molds that I can’t wait to pick up. They also had some new cookie/fondant cutters I just need to buy. I need to hold myself back when I go into the store.

Anyway! After signing up, this is the list of materials they want you to bring with us:

ImageMost everything that I needed to bring came in the big Wilton ultimate kit thing I bought the first time around. The only thing I had to buy was the second course book, gum paste, and the neon fondant. Inside the book, we were also told to bring vegetable shortening, corn starch, powdered sugar, and adhesive (I normally use royal icing, but apparently you can dissolve gum paste in water and use that, or piping gel).

There was only five people in this class which made things much easier. You could ask more questions, and spread everything out. I took a few general notes at the start of the class. An issue I had was the course 2 books were given out for free, yet I already got one and marked it up. Blah. The instructor show us the new Wilton silicon mats that came out, and told us the new Wilton fondant is very good. If the price is right, I may give it a try. She said it was very pliable and tasted just as good as the fondant I currently use. The only other tip I got in class that I felt was very important, was using coco powder to deepen red/block when mixing fondant. I’ll try this in the future.

Moving on! So even though there was more room overall in the room where I can throw all my stuff, my actual working space was the same.

ImageWe started with mixing gum paste and fondant together. Gum paste cannot get wet, which is something I need to keep in mind. I wasn’t a huge fan of mixing it together and then sitting around and talking. Adding gum paste makes the 50/50 mixture dry out very quickly. We rolled out the fondant using the “workbook,” from the previous class. Apparently it can store the fondant to help it not dry out when we’re talking, but it wasn’t very successful for me.

ImageI used the dusting pouch to prep the “box.” The first time I tried to do the impression on the fondant, it didn’t work. You really need to push the box closed and use the rolling pin to shove it down. Below, you can see the result. I think they came out too thick. In the future, I think after they are rolled out evenly, they should be rolled out a bit more. My completed flowers were too thick to put on a cake, or cupcake, or any sort of baked good. But they did look cute!

ImageThe next thing we made was a pansy flower. I couldn’t use my course book since it was the new one, and they now do it differently. That being said, I like the old way better and I will practice the old way in the future. So the old was is rolling out two kinds of fondant, and rolling it together in a straight line (two petals a different color). To do this, slightly overlap them before you roll it out. I had a very difficult time with this since the fondant dried so damn fast. I’m not sure it would be wise to use the 50/50 in the future unless you will immediately be making a decoration.

ImageAfter you make one flower, you cut out another, remove two petals, and attach them to the top of the flower. I didn’t take any pictures because it was just coming out horrible, too dry. I really need to try this again at home and see how it comes out. It also hardly looks like a pansy, but I figure if I could try using real pansy colors, and maybe painting on some details to see how it comes out.

ImageI really need to find some time to practice at home this week. I also need to bring in royal icing. I’m excited for the next class since we will be making royal icing flowers. I have not been successful with this, and I hope I can figure out what I am doing wrong so I can mass produce flower for the future.